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Display the latest statuses of a Twitter user
This class can be used to display the latest statuses of a Twitter user.

It can retrieve the RSS feed with the timeline of the latest statuses of a given user.

The class parses the RSS feed and display the status messages and their published dates.


$twitter = new syronTwitter("syron1988", 4, true);

$twitter->userColor = "#FF0000";
$twitter->chanColor = "#FFFF00";




First of all we got to start the new class by creating a new variable and set the class to it:
$twitter = new syronTwitter("syron1988", 4, true);

the first parameter in syronTwitter class is the username I want to read the rss file of. the second and third are optional:
1-20 = number of posts you want to read
true / false = if you want to cut the username out of the rss file - twitter gives us the username by each post, but that can be disabled by setting "true" into the class.

$twitter->userColor, changes the color of usernames in post. if u posted something to a user like @username, then it will be displayed with a changed color. The same thing happens with #channel, when using
$twitter->chanColor. Look example!

Next row:
reads the posts.

Next row:
Gives us the the link to the username you have as a parameter, if empty it will show the usernames profile which the .rss file gave us.

One more additional function is:
which reads the last post - as the function already says!
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