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Date:2011-06-22 20:25:12
Update:2011-06-24 19:03:26

  1. ouch   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of m3ta m3ta - 2011-06-23 15:59:35
Something leaves me extremely worried, after reading that RFC:

<quote>"will effect millions of people"</quote>

So, basically, PHP is being written by illiterates who don't know the different between "effects" and "affects"?
That's troublesome. To say the least.

  2. Re: ouch   Reply   Report abuse  
Picture of Rad Paluszak Rad Paluszak - 2011-06-24 19:03:26 - In reply to message 1 from m3ta
Unimportant misspell.

Excuse them... would you?