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JavaScript animation fails in Firefox

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Subject:JavaScript animation fails in Firefox
Summary:Firefox can't handle complex JavaScript animations.
Date:2011-06-01 13:45:59
Update:2011-06-01 19:53:13

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Picture of Joseph Joseph - 2011-06-01 19:53:13
Another reason I don't like Firefox is its rendering engine. It seems to work in stages of patches, and shows the stages to the end-user. So when I developed an HTML form in a sidebar with limited space, with a mouse-over flyout for "additional options" that should be animated, in Firefox it must simply pop-up or down. If I animate it using JavaScript to slide in and out of the sidebar, the background graphics that round the corners and give it fancy borders 'flicker' in and out as it moves from one position to the next. The effect is truly pitiful. Even Internet Exploder 6 can handle this. Firefox fails miserably.

We used to develop under the "conform to the lowest common denominator" standard, and possible add bells and whistles for individual browsers. Now we develop the other way around.

I still think Opera is the best choice for a developmental browser (see my other comment). Once I get a page working correctly there, I test on all the others, and tweek it as needed. Usually, no matter what I do to fix another browser's idiosyncrasies, Opera still renders the change properly. Usually.

I'll have to test Firefox 4's animation abilities...