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File: FrontEndScripts/libs/codemirror/mode/php/php.js

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File: FrontEndScripts/libs/codemirror/mode/php/php.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Small Server Administrator
Web panel for small Debian and Ubuntu servers
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 6 years ago
Size: 18,177 bytes


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// CodeMirror, copyright (c) by Marijn Haverbeke and others
// Distributed under an MIT license:

(function(mod) {
  if (typeof exports == "object" && typeof module == "object") // CommonJS
    mod(require("../../lib/codemirror"), require("../htmlmixed/htmlmixed"), require("../clike/clike"));
  else if (typeof define == "function" && define.amd) // AMD
    define(["../../lib/codemirror", "../htmlmixed/htmlmixed", "../clike/clike"], mod);
  else // Plain browser env
})(function(CodeMirror) {
  "use strict";

  function keywords(str) {
    var obj = {}, words = str.split(" ");
    for (var i = 0; i < words.length; ++i) obj[words[i]] = true;
    return obj;

  // Helper for phpString
  function matchSequence(list, end, escapes) {
    if (list.length == 0) return phpString(end);
    return function (stream, state) {
      var patterns = list[0];
      for (var i = 0; i < patterns.length; i++) if (stream.match(patterns[i][0])) {
        state.tokenize = matchSequence(list.slice(1), end);
        return patterns[i][1];
      state.tokenize = phpString(end, escapes);
      return "string";
  function phpString(closing, escapes) {
    return function(stream, state) { return phpString_(stream, state, closing, escapes); };
  function phpString_(stream, state, closing, escapes) {
    // "Complex" syntax
    if (escapes !== false && stream.match("${", false) || stream.match("{$", false)) {
      state.tokenize = null;
      return "string";

    // Simple syntax
    if (escapes !== false && stream.match(/^\$[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/)) {
      // After the variable name there may appear array or object operator.
      if (stream.match("[", false)) {
        // Match array operator
        state.tokenize = matchSequence([
          [["[", null]],
          [[/\d[\w\.]*/, "number"],
           [/\$[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*/, "variable-2"],
           [/[\w\$]+/, "variable"]],
          [["]", null]]
        ], closing, escapes);
      if (stream.match(/\-\>\w/, false)) {
        // Match object operator
        state.tokenize = matchSequence([
          [["->", null]],
          [[/[\w]+/, "variable"]]
        ], closing, escapes);
      return "variable-2";

    var escaped = false;
    // Normal string
    while (!stream.eol() &&
           (escaped || escapes === false ||
            (!stream.match("{$", false) &&
             !stream.match(/^(\$[a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*|\$\{)/, false)))) {
      if (!escaped && stream.match(closing)) {
        state.tokenize = null;
        state.tokStack.pop(); state.tokStack.pop();
      escaped = == "\\" && !escaped;
    return "string";

  var phpKeywords = "abstract and array as break case catch class clone const continue declare default " +
    "do else elseif enddeclare endfor endforeach endif endswitch endwhile extends final " +
    "for foreach function global goto if implements interface instanceof namespace " +
    "new or private protected public static switch throw trait try use var while xor " +
    "die echo empty exit eval include include_once isset list require require_once return " +
    "print unset __halt_compiler self static parent yield insteadof finally";
  var phpAtoms = "true false null TRUE FALSE NULL __CLASS__ __DIR__ __FILE__ __LINE__ __METHOD__ __FUNCTION__ __NAMESPACE__ __TRAIT__";
  var phpBuiltin = "func_num_args func_get_arg func_get_args strlen strcmp strncmp strcasecmp strncasecmp each error_reporting define defined trigger_error user_error set_error_handler restore_error_handler get_declared_classes get_loaded_extensions extension_loaded get_extension_funcs debug_backtrace constant bin2hex hex2bin sleep usleep time mktime gmmktime strftime gmstrftime strtotime date gmdate getdate localtime checkdate flush wordwrap htmlspecialchars htmlentities html_entity_decode md5 md5_file crc32 getimagesize image_type_to_mime_type phpinfo phpversion phpcredits strnatcmp strnatcasecmp substr_count strspn strcspn strtok strtoupper strtolower strpos strrpos strrev hebrev hebrevc nl2br basename dirname pathinfo stripslashes stripcslashes strstr stristr strrchr str_shuffle str_word_count strcoll substr substr_replace quotemeta ucfirst ucwords strtr addslashes addcslashes rtrim str_replace str_repeat count_chars chunk_split trim ltrim strip_tags similar_text explode implode setlocale localeconv parse_str str_pad chop strchr sprintf printf vprintf vsprintf sscanf fscanf parse_url urlencode urldecode rawurlencode rawurldecode readlink linkinfo link unlink exec system escapeshellcmd escapeshellarg passthru shell_exec proc_open proc_close rand srand getrandmax mt_rand mt_srand mt_getrandmax base64_decode base64_encode abs ceil floor round is_finite is_nan is_infinite bindec hexdec octdec decbin decoct dechex base_convert number_format fmod ip2long long2ip getenv putenv getopt microtime gettimeofday getrusage uniqid quoted_printable_decode set_time_limit get_cfg_var magic_quotes_runtime set_magic_quotes_runtime get_magic_quotes_gpc get_magic_quotes_runtime import_request_variables error_log serialize unserialize memory_get_usage var_dump var_export debug_zval_dump print_r highlight_file show_source highlight_string ini_get ini_get_all ini_set ini_alter ini_restore get_include_path set_include_path restore_include_path setcookie header headers_sent connection_aborted connection_status ignore_user_abort parse_ini_file is_uploaded_file move_uploaded_file intval floatval doubleval strval gettype settype is_null is_resource is_bool is_long is_float is_int is_integer is_double is_real is_numeric is_string is_array is_object is_scalar ereg ereg_replace eregi eregi_replace split spliti join sql_regcase dl pclose popen readfile rewind rmdir umask fclose feof fgetc fgets fgetss fread fopen fpassthru ftruncate fstat fseek ftell fflush fwrite fputs mkdir rename copy tempnam tmpfile file file_get_contents file_put_contents stream_select stream_context_create stream_context_set_params stream_context_set_option stream_context_get_options stream_filter_prepend stream_filter_append fgetcsv flock get_meta_tags stream_set_write_buffer set_file_buffer set_socket_blocking stream_set_blocking socket_set_blocking stream_get_meta_data stream_register_wrapper stream_wrapper_register stream_set_timeout socket_set_timeout socket_get_status realpath fnmatch fsockopen pfsockopen pack unpack get_browser crypt opendir closedir chdir getcwd rewinddir readdir dir glob fileatime filectime filegroup fileinode filemtime fileowner fileperms filesize filetype file_exists is_writable is_writeable is_readable is_executable is_file is_dir is_link stat lstat chown touch clearstatcache mail ob_start ob_flush ob_clean ob_end_flush ob_end_clean ob_get_flush ob_get_clean ob_get_length ob_get_level ob_get_status ob_get_contents ob_implicit_flush ob_list_handlers ksort krsort natsort natcasesort asort arsort sort rsort usort uasort uksort shuffle array_walk count end prev next reset current key min max in_array array_search extract compact array_fill range array_multisort array_push array_pop array_shift array_unshift array_splice array_slice array_merge array_merge_recursive array_keys array_values array_count_values array_reverse array_reduce array_pad array_flip array_change_key_case array_rand array_unique array_intersect array_intersect_assoc array_diff array_diff_assoc array_sum array_filter array_map array_chunk array_key_exists pos sizeof key_exists assert assert_options version_compare ftok str_rot13 aggregate session_name session_module_name session_save_path session_id session_regenerate_id session_decode session_register session_unregister session_is_registered session_encode session_start session_destroy session_unset session_set_save_handler session_cache_limiter session_cache_expire session_set_cookie_params session_get_cookie_params session_write_close preg_match preg_match_all preg_replace preg_replace_callback preg_split preg_quote preg_grep overload ctype_alnum ctype_alpha ctype_cntrl ctype_digit ctype_lower ctype_graph ctype_print ctype_punct ctype_space ctype_upper ctype_xdigit virtual apache_request_headers apache_note apache_lookup_uri apache_child_terminate apache_setenv apache_response_headers apache_get_version getallheaders mysql_connect mysql_pconnect mysql_close mysql_select_db mysql_create_db mysql_drop_db mysql_query mysql_unbuffered_query mysql_db_query mysql_list_dbs mysql_list_tables mysql_list_fields mysql_list_processes mysql_error mysql_errno mysql_affected_rows mysql_insert_id mysql_result mysql_num_rows mysql_num_fields mysql_fetch_row mysql_fetch_array mysql_fetch_assoc mysql_fetch_object mysql_data_seek mysql_fetch_lengths mysql_fetch_field mysql_field_seek mysql_free_result mysql_field_name mysql_field_table mysql_field_len mysql_field_type mysql_field_flags mysql_escape_string mysql_real_escape_string mysql_stat mysql_thread_id mysql_client_encoding mysql_get_client_info mysql_get_host_info mysql_get_proto_info mysql_get_server_info mysql_info mysql mysql_fieldname mysql_fieldtable mysql_fieldlen mysql_fieldtype mysql_fieldflags mysql_selectdb mysql_createdb mysql_dropdb mysql_freeresult mysql_numfields mysql_numrows mysql_listdbs mysql_listtables mysql_listfields mysql_db_name mysql_dbname mysql_tablename mysql_table_name pg_connect pg_pconnect pg_close pg_connection_status pg_connection_busy pg_connection_reset pg_host pg_dbname pg_port pg_tty pg_options pg_ping pg_query pg_send_query pg_cancel_query pg_fetch_result pg_fetch_row pg_fetch_assoc pg_fetch_array pg_fetch_object pg_fetch_all pg_affected_rows pg_get_result pg_result_seek pg_result_status pg_free_result pg_last_oid pg_num_rows pg_num_fields pg_field_name pg_field_num pg_field_size pg_field_type pg_field_prtlen pg_field_is_null pg_get_notify pg_get_pid pg_result_error pg_last_error pg_last_notice pg_put_line pg_end_copy pg_copy_to pg_copy_from pg_trace pg_untrace pg_lo_create pg_lo_unlink pg_lo_open pg_lo_close pg_lo_read pg_lo_write pg_lo_read_all pg_lo_import pg_lo_export pg_lo_seek pg_lo_tell pg_escape_string pg_escape_bytea pg_unescape_bytea pg_client_encoding pg_set_client_encoding pg_meta_data pg_convert pg_insert pg_update pg_delete pg_select pg_exec pg_getlastoid pg_cmdtuples pg_errormessage pg_numrows pg_numfields pg_fieldname pg_fieldsize pg_fieldtype pg_fieldnum pg_fieldprtlen pg_fieldisnull pg_freeresult pg_result pg_loreadall pg_locreate pg_lounlink pg_loopen pg_loclose pg_loread pg_lowrite pg_loimport pg_loexport http_response_code get_declared_traits getimagesizefromstring socket_import_stream stream_set_chunk_size trait_exists header_register_callback class_uses session_status session_register_shutdown echo print global static exit array empty eval isset unset die include require include_once require_once json_decode json_encode json_last_error json_last_error_msg curl_close curl_copy_handle curl_errno curl_error curl_escape curl_exec curl_file_create curl_getinfo curl_init curl_multi_add_handle curl_multi_close curl_multi_exec curl_multi_getcontent curl_multi_info_read curl_multi_init curl_multi_remove_handle curl_multi_select curl_multi_setopt curl_multi_strerror curl_pause curl_reset curl_setopt_array curl_setopt curl_share_close curl_share_init curl_share_setopt curl_strerror curl_unescape curl_version mysqli_affected_rows mysqli_autocommit mysqli_change_user mysqli_character_set_name mysqli_close mysqli_commit mysqli_connect_errno mysqli_connect_error mysqli_connect mysqli_data_seek mysqli_debug mysqli_dump_debug_info mysqli_errno mysqli_error_list mysqli_error mysqli_fetch_all mysqli_fetch_array mysqli_fetch_assoc mysqli_fetch_field_direct mysqli_fetch_field mysqli_fetch_fields mysqli_fetch_lengths mysqli_fetch_object mysqli_fetch_row mysqli_field_count mysqli_field_seek mysqli_field_tell mysqli_free_result mysqli_get_charset mysqli_get_client_info mysqli_get_client_stats mysqli_get_client_version mysqli_get_connection_stats mysqli_get_host_info mysqli_get_proto_info mysqli_get_server_info mysqli_get_server_version mysqli_info mysqli_init mysqli_insert_id mysqli_kill mysqli_more_results mysqli_multi_query mysqli_next_result mysqli_num_fields mysqli_num_rows mysqli_options mysqli_ping mysqli_prepare mysqli_query mysqli_real_connect mysqli_real_escape_string mysqli_real_query mysqli_reap_async_query mysqli_refresh mysqli_rollback mysqli_select_db mysqli_set_charset mysqli_set_local_infile_default mysqli_set_local_infile_handler mysqli_sqlstate mysqli_ssl_set mysqli_stat mysqli_stmt_init mysqli_store_result mysqli_thread_id mysqli_thread_safe mysqli_use_result mysqli_warning_count";
  CodeMirror.registerHelper("hintWords", "php", [phpKeywords, phpAtoms, phpBuiltin].join(" ").split(" "));
  CodeMirror.registerHelper("wordChars", "php", /[\w$]/);

  var phpConfig = {
    name: "clike",
    helperType: "php",
    keywords: keywords(phpKeywords),
    blockKeywords: keywords("catch do else elseif for foreach if switch try while finally"),
    defKeywords: keywords("class function interface namespace trait"),
    atoms: keywords(phpAtoms),
    builtin: keywords(phpBuiltin),
    multiLineStrings: true,
    hooks: {
      "$": function(stream) {
        return "variable-2";
      "<": function(stream, state) {
        var before;
        if (before = stream.match(/<<\s*/)) {
          var quoted =['"]/);
          var delim = stream.current().slice(before[0].length + (quoted ? 2 : 1));
          if (quoted);
          if (delim) {
            (state.tokStack || (state.tokStack = [])).push(delim, 0);
            state.tokenize = phpString(delim, quoted != "'");
            return "string";
        return false;
      "#": function(stream) {
        while (!stream.eol() && !stream.match("?>", false));
        return "comment";
      "/": function(stream) {
        if ("/")) {
          while (!stream.eol() && !stream.match("?>", false));
          return "comment";
        return false;
      '"': function(_stream, state) {
        (state.tokStack || (state.tokStack = [])).push('"', 0);
        state.tokenize = phpString('"');
        return "string";
      "{": function(_stream, state) {
        if (state.tokStack && state.tokStack.length)
          state.tokStack[state.tokStack.length - 1]++;
        return false;
      "}": function(_stream, state) {
        if (state.tokStack && state.tokStack.length > 0 &&
            !--state.tokStack[state.tokStack.length - 1]) {
          state.tokenize = phpString(state.tokStack[state.tokStack.length - 2]);
        return false;

  CodeMirror.defineMode("php", function(config, parserConfig) {
    var htmlMode = CodeMirror.getMode(config, "text/html");
    var phpMode = CodeMirror.getMode(config, phpConfig);

    function dispatch(stream, state) {
      var isPHP = state.curMode == phpMode;
      if (stream.sol() && state.pending && state.pending != '"' && state.pending != "'") state.pending = null;
      if (!isPHP) {
        if (stream.match(/^<\?\w*/)) {
          state.curMode = phpMode;
          if (!state.php) state.php = CodeMirror.startState(phpMode, htmlMode.indent(state.html, ""))
          state.curState = state.php;
          return "meta";
        if (state.pending == '"' || state.pending == "'") {
          while (!stream.eol() && != state.pending) {}
          var style = "string";
        } else if (state.pending && stream.pos < state.pending.end) {
          stream.pos = state.pending.end;
          var style =;
        } else {
          var style = htmlMode.token(stream, state.curState);
        if (state.pending) state.pending = null;
        var cur = stream.current(), openPHP =<\?/), m;
        if (openPHP != -1) {
          if (style == "string" && (m = cur.match(/[\'\"]$/)) && !/\?>/.test(cur)) state.pending = m[0];
          else state.pending = {end: stream.pos, style: style};
          stream.backUp(cur.length - openPHP);
        return style;
      } else if (isPHP && state.php.tokenize == null && stream.match("?>")) {
        state.curMode = htmlMode;
        state.curState = state.html;
        if (!state.php.context.prev) state.php = null;
        return "meta";
      } else {
        return phpMode.token(stream, state.curState);

    return {
      startState: function() {
        var html = CodeMirror.startState(htmlMode)
        var php = parserConfig.startOpen ? CodeMirror.startState(phpMode) : null
        return {html: html,
                php: php,
                curMode: parserConfig.startOpen ? phpMode : htmlMode,
                curState: parserConfig.startOpen ? php : html,
                pending: null};

      copyState: function(state) {
        var html = state.html, htmlNew = CodeMirror.copyState(htmlMode, html),
            php = state.php, phpNew = php && CodeMirror.copyState(phpMode, php), cur;
        if (state.curMode == htmlMode) cur = htmlNew;
        else cur = phpNew;
        return {html: htmlNew, php: phpNew, curMode: state.curMode, curState: cur,
                pending: state.pending};

      token: dispatch,

      indent: function(state, textAfter) {
        if ((state.curMode != phpMode && /^\s*<\//.test(textAfter)) ||
            (state.curMode == phpMode && /^\?>/.test(textAfter)))
          return htmlMode.indent(state.html, textAfter);
        return state.curMode.indent(state.curState, textAfter);

      blockCommentStart: "/*",
      blockCommentEnd: "*/",
      lineComment: "//",

      innerMode: function(state) { return {state: state.curState, mode: state.curMode}; }
  }, "htmlmixed", "clike");

  CodeMirror.defineMIME("application/x-httpd-php", "php");
  CodeMirror.defineMIME("application/x-httpd-php-open", {name: "php", startOpen: true});
  CodeMirror.defineMIME("text/x-php", phpConfig);
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