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File: FrontEndScripts/libs/codemirror/addon/hint/html-hint.js

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File: FrontEndScripts/libs/codemirror/addon/hint/html-hint.js
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Small Server Administrator
Web panel for small Debian and Ubuntu servers
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 6 years ago
Size: 11,341 bytes


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// CodeMirror, copyright (c) by Marijn Haverbeke and others
// Distributed under an MIT license:

(function(mod) {
  if (typeof exports == "object" && typeof module == "object") // CommonJS
    mod(require("../../lib/codemirror"), require("./xml-hint"));
  else if (typeof define == "function" && define.amd) // AMD
    define(["../../lib/codemirror", "./xml-hint"], mod);
  else // Plain browser env
})(function(CodeMirror) {
  "use strict";

  var langs = "ab aa af ak sq am ar an hy as av ae ay az bm ba eu be bn bh bi bs br bg my ca ch ce ny zh cv kw co cr hr cs da dv nl dz en eo et ee fo fj fi fr ff gl ka de el gn gu ht ha he hz hi ho hu ia id ie ga ig ik io is it iu ja jv kl kn kr ks kk km ki rw ky kv kg ko ku kj la lb lg li ln lo lt lu lv gv mk mg ms ml mt mi mr mh mn na nv nb nd ne ng nn no ii nr oc oj cu om or os pa pi fa pl ps pt qu rm rn ro ru sa sc sd se sm sg sr gd sn si sk sl so st es su sw ss sv ta te tg th ti bo tk tl tn to tr ts tt tw ty ug uk ur uz ve vi vo wa cy wo fy xh yi yo za zu".split(" ");
  var targets = ["_blank", "_self", "_top", "_parent"];
  var charsets = ["ascii", "utf-8", "utf-16", "latin1", "latin1"];
  var methods = ["get", "post", "put", "delete"];
  var encs = ["application/x-www-form-urlencoded", "multipart/form-data", "text/plain"];
  var media = ["all", "screen", "print", "embossed", "braille", "handheld", "print", "projection", "screen", "tty", "tv", "speech",
               "3d-glasses", "resolution [>][<][=] [X]", "device-aspect-ratio: X/Y", "orientation:portrait",
               "orientation:landscape", "device-height: [X]", "device-width: [X]"];
  var s = { attrs: {} }; // Simple tag, reused for a whole lot of tags

  var data = {
    a: {
      attrs: {
        href: null, ping: null, type: null,
        media: media,
        target: targets,
        hreflang: langs
    abbr: s,
    acronym: s,
    address: s,
    applet: s,
    area: {
      attrs: {
        alt: null, coords: null, href: null, target: null, ping: null,
        media: media, hreflang: langs, type: null,
        shape: ["default", "rect", "circle", "poly"]
    article: s,
    aside: s,
    audio: {
      attrs: {
        src: null, mediagroup: null,
        crossorigin: ["anonymous", "use-credentials"],
        preload: ["none", "metadata", "auto"],
        autoplay: ["", "autoplay"],
        loop: ["", "loop"],
        controls: ["", "controls"]
    b: s,
    base: { attrs: { href: null, target: targets } },
    basefont: s,
    bdi: s,
    bdo: s,
    big: s,
    blockquote: { attrs: { cite: null } },
    body: s,
    br: s,
    button: {
      attrs: {
        form: null, formaction: null, name: null, value: null,
        autofocus: ["", "autofocus"],
        disabled: ["", "autofocus"],
        formenctype: encs,
        formmethod: methods,
        formnovalidate: ["", "novalidate"],
        formtarget: targets,
        type: ["submit", "reset", "button"]
    canvas: { attrs: { width: null, height: null } },
    caption: s,
    center: s,
    cite: s,
    code: s,
    col: { attrs: { span: null } },
    colgroup: { attrs: { span: null } },
    command: {
      attrs: {
        type: ["command", "checkbox", "radio"],
        label: null, icon: null, radiogroup: null, command: null, title: null,
        disabled: ["", "disabled"],
        checked: ["", "checked"]
    data: { attrs: { value: null } },
    datagrid: { attrs: { disabled: ["", "disabled"], multiple: ["", "multiple"] } },
    datalist: { attrs: { data: null } },
    dd: s,
    del: { attrs: { cite: null, datetime: null } },
    details: { attrs: { open: ["", "open"] } },
    dfn: s,
    dir: s,
    div: s,
    dl: s,
    dt: s,
    em: s,
    embed: { attrs: { src: null, type: null, width: null, height: null } },
    eventsource: { attrs: { src: null } },
    fieldset: { attrs: { disabled: ["", "disabled"], form: null, name: null } },
    figcaption: s,
    figure: s,
    font: s,
    footer: s,
    form: {
      attrs: {
        action: null, name: null,
        "accept-charset": charsets,
        autocomplete: ["on", "off"],
        enctype: encs,
        method: methods,
        novalidate: ["", "novalidate"],
        target: targets
    frame: s,
    frameset: s,
    h1: s, h2: s, h3: s, h4: s, h5: s, h6: s,
    head: {
      attrs: {},
      children: ["title", "base", "link", "style", "meta", "script", "noscript", "command"]
    header: s,
    hgroup: s,
    hr: s,
    html: {
      attrs: { manifest: null },
      children: ["head", "body"]
    i: s,
    iframe: {
      attrs: {
        src: null, srcdoc: null, name: null, width: null, height: null,
        sandbox: ["allow-top-navigation", "allow-same-origin", "allow-forms", "allow-scripts"],
        seamless: ["", "seamless"]
    img: {
      attrs: {
        alt: null, src: null, ismap: null, usemap: null, width: null, height: null,
        crossorigin: ["anonymous", "use-credentials"]
    input: {
      attrs: {
        alt: null, dirname: null, form: null, formaction: null,
        height: null, list: null, max: null, maxlength: null, min: null,
        name: null, pattern: null, placeholder: null, size: null, src: null,
        step: null, value: null, width: null,
        accept: ["audio/*", "video/*", "image/*"],
        autocomplete: ["on", "off"],
        autofocus: ["", "autofocus"],
        checked: ["", "checked"],
        disabled: ["", "disabled"],
        formenctype: encs,
        formmethod: methods,
        formnovalidate: ["", "novalidate"],
        formtarget: targets,
        multiple: ["", "multiple"],
        readonly: ["", "readonly"],
        required: ["", "required"],
        type: ["hidden", "text", "search", "tel", "url", "email", "password", "datetime", "date", "month",
               "week", "time", "datetime-local", "number", "range", "color", "checkbox", "radio",
               "file", "submit", "image", "reset", "button"]
    ins: { attrs: { cite: null, datetime: null } },
    kbd: s,
    keygen: {
      attrs: {
        challenge: null, form: null, name: null,
        autofocus: ["", "autofocus"],
        disabled: ["", "disabled"],
        keytype: ["RSA"]
    label: { attrs: { "for": null, form: null } },
    legend: s,
    li: { attrs: { value: null } },
    link: {
      attrs: {
        href: null, type: null,
        hreflang: langs,
        media: media,
        sizes: ["all", "16x16", "16x16 32x32", "16x16 32x32 64x64"]
    map: { attrs: { name: null } },
    mark: s,
    menu: { attrs: { label: null, type: ["list", "context", "toolbar"] } },
    meta: {
      attrs: {
        content: null,
        charset: charsets,
        name: ["viewport", "application-name", "author", "description", "generator", "keywords"],
        "http-equiv": ["content-language", "content-type", "default-style", "refresh"]
    meter: { attrs: { value: null, min: null, low: null, high: null, max: null, optimum: null } },
    nav: s,
    noframes: s,
    noscript: s,
    object: {
      attrs: {
        data: null, type: null, name: null, usemap: null, form: null, width: null, height: null,
        typemustmatch: ["", "typemustmatch"]
    ol: { attrs: { reversed: ["", "reversed"], start: null, type: ["1", "a", "A", "i", "I"] } },
    optgroup: { attrs: { disabled: ["", "disabled"], label: null } },
    option: { attrs: { disabled: ["", "disabled"], label: null, selected: ["", "selected"], value: null } },
    output: { attrs: { "for": null, form: null, name: null } },
    p: s,
    param: { attrs: { name: null, value: null } },
    pre: s,
    progress: { attrs: { value: null, max: null } },
    q: { attrs: { cite: null } },
    rp: s,
    rt: s,
    ruby: s,
    s: s,
    samp: s,
    script: {
      attrs: {
        type: ["text/javascript"],
        src: null,
        async: ["", "async"],
        defer: ["", "defer"],
        charset: charsets
    section: s,
    select: {
      attrs: {
        form: null, name: null, size: null,
        autofocus: ["", "autofocus"],
        disabled: ["", "disabled"],
        multiple: ["", "multiple"]
    small: s,
    source: { attrs: { src: null, type: null, media: null } },
    span: s,
    strike: s,
    strong: s,
    style: {
      attrs: {
        type: ["text/css"],
        media: media,
        scoped: null
    sub: s,
    summary: s,
    sup: s,
    table: s,
    tbody: s,
    td: { attrs: { colspan: null, rowspan: null, headers: null } },
    textarea: {
      attrs: {
        dirname: null, form: null, maxlength: null, name: null, placeholder: null,
        rows: null, cols: null,
        autofocus: ["", "autofocus"],
        disabled: ["", "disabled"],
        readonly: ["", "readonly"],
        required: ["", "required"],
        wrap: ["soft", "hard"]
    tfoot: s,
    th: { attrs: { colspan: null, rowspan: null, headers: null, scope: ["row", "col", "rowgroup", "colgroup"] } },
    thead: s,
    time: { attrs: { datetime: null } },
    title: s,
    tr: s,
    track: {
      attrs: {
        src: null, label: null, "default": null,
        kind: ["subtitles", "captions", "descriptions", "chapters", "metadata"],
        srclang: langs
    tt: s,
    u: s,
    ul: s,
    "var": s,
    video: {
      attrs: {
        src: null, poster: null, width: null, height: null,
        crossorigin: ["anonymous", "use-credentials"],
        preload: ["auto", "metadata", "none"],
        autoplay: ["", "autoplay"],
        mediagroup: ["movie"],
        muted: ["", "muted"],
        controls: ["", "controls"]
    wbr: s

  var globalAttrs = {
    accesskey: ["a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", "h", "i", "j", "k", "l", "m", "n", "o", "p", "q", "r", "s", "t", "u", "v", "w", "x", "y", "z", "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9"],
    "class": null,
    contenteditable: ["true", "false"],
    contextmenu: null,
    dir: ["ltr", "rtl", "auto"],
    draggable: ["true", "false", "auto"],
    dropzone: ["copy", "move", "link", "string:", "file:"],
    hidden: ["hidden"],
    id: null,
    inert: ["inert"],
    itemid: null,
    itemprop: null,
    itemref: null,
    itemscope: ["itemscope"],
    itemtype: null,
    lang: ["en", "es"],
    spellcheck: ["true", "false"],
    style: null,
    tabindex: ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9"],
    title: null,
    translate: ["yes", "no"],
    onclick: null,
    rel: ["stylesheet", "alternate", "author", "bookmark", "help", "license", "next", "nofollow", "noreferrer", "prefetch", "prev", "search", "tag"]
  function populate(obj) {
    for (var attr in globalAttrs) if (globalAttrs.hasOwnProperty(attr))
      obj.attrs[attr] = globalAttrs[attr];

  for (var tag in data) if (data.hasOwnProperty(tag) && data[tag] != s)

  CodeMirror.htmlSchema = data;
  function htmlHint(cm, options) {
    var local = {schemaInfo: data};
    if (options) for (var opt in options) local[opt] = options[opt];
    return CodeMirror.hint.xml(cm, local);
  CodeMirror.registerHelper("hint", "html", htmlHint);
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