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File: FrontEndScripts/libs/angular/errors.json

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File: FrontEndScripts/libs/angular/errors.json
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: PHP Small Server Administrator
Web panel for small Debian and Ubuntu servers
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Date: 6 years ago
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{"id":"ng","generated":"Tue Jul 14 2015 18:53:33 GMT-0700 (PDT)","errors":{"ng":{"areq":"Argument '{0}' is {1}","cpta":"Can't copy! TypedArray destination cannot be mutated.","test":"no injector found for element argument to getTestability","cpws":"Can't copy! Making copies of Window or Scope instances is not supported.","btstrpd":"App Already Bootstrapped with this Element '{0}'","cpi":"Can't copy! Source and destination are identical.","badname":"hasOwnProperty is not a valid {0} name"},"$http":{"badreq":"Http request configuration must be an object.  Received: {0}"},"ngRepeat":{"badident":"alias '{0}' is invalid --- must be a valid JS identifier which is not a reserved name.","iexp":"Expected expression in form of '_item_ in _collection_[ track by _id_]' but got '{0}'.","dupes":"Duplicates in a repeater are not allowed. Use 'track by' expression to specify unique keys. Repeater: {0}, Duplicate key: {1}, Duplicate value: {2}","iidexp":"'_item_' in '_item_ in _collection_' should be an identifier or '(_key_, _value_)' expression, but got '{0}'."},"$sce":{"imatcher":"Matchers may only be \"self\", string patterns or RegExp objects","icontext":"Attempted to trust a value in invalid context. Context: {0}; Value: {1}","iwcard":"Illegal sequence *** in string matcher.  String: {0}","insecurl":"Blocked loading resource from url not allowed by $sceDelegate policy.  URL: {0}","iequirks":"Strict Contextual Escaping does not support Internet Explorer version < 11 in quirks mode.  You can fix this by adding the text <!doctype html> to the top of your HTML document.  See$sce for more information.","unsafe":"Attempting to use an unsafe value in a safe context.","itype":"Attempted to trust a non-string value in a content requiring a string: Context: {0}"},"ngPattern":{"noregexp":"Expected {0} to be a RegExp but was {1}. Element: {2}"},"$controller":{"ctrlfmt":"Badly formed controller string '{0}'. Must match `__name__ as __id__` or `__name__`.","noscp":"Cannot export controller '{0}' as '{1}'! No $scope object provided via `locals`."},"$ngModel":{"nonassign":"Expression '{0}' is non-assignable. Element: {1}","datefmt":"Expected `{0}` to be a date","$asyncValidators":"Expected asynchronous validator to return a promise but got '{0}' instead.","numfmt":"Expected `{0}` to be a number"},"$parse":{"isecfn":"Referencing Function in Angular expressions is disallowed! Expression: {0}","isecwindow":"Referencing the Window in Angular expressions is disallowed! Expression: {0}","ueoe":"Unexpected end of expression: {0}","isecdom":"Referencing DOM nodes in Angular expressions is disallowed! Expression: {0}","lexerr":"Lexer Error: {0} at column{1} in expression [{2}].","esc":"IMPOSSIBLE","isecobj":"Referencing Object in Angular expressions is disallowed! Expression: {0}","lval":"Trying to assing a value to a non l-value","isecff":"Referencing call, apply or bind in Angular expressions is disallowed! Expression: {0}","syntax":"Syntax Error: Token '{0}' {1} at column {2} of the expression [{3}] starting at [{4}].","isecfld":"Attempting to access a disallowed field in Angular expressions! Expression: {0}"},"jqLite":{"offargs":"jqLite#off() does not support the `selector` argument","onargs":"jqLite#on() does not support the `selector` or `eventData` parameters","nosel":"Looking up elements via selectors is not supported by jqLite! See:"},"$animate":{"notcsel":"Expecting class selector starting with '.' got '{0}'.","nongcls":"$animateProvider.classNameFilter(regex) prohibits accepting a regex value which matches/contains the \"{0}\" CSS class."},"$q":{"norslvr":"Expected resolverFn, got '{0}'","qcycle":"Expected promise to be resolved with value other than itself '{0}'"},"$injector":{"pget":"Provider '{0}' must define $get factory method.","cdep":"Circular dependency found: {0}","nomod":"Module '{0}' is not available! You either misspelled the module name or forgot to load it. If registering a module ensure that you specify the dependencies as the second argument.","strictdi":"{0} is not using explicit annotation and cannot be invoked in strict mode","modulerr":"Failed to instantiate module {0} due to:\n{1}","undef":"Provider '{0}' must return a value from $get factory method.","unpr":"Unknown provider: {0}","itkn":"Incorrect injection token! Expected service name as string, got {0}"},"filter":{"notarray":"Expected array but received: {0}"},"ngTransclude":{"orphan":"Illegal use of ngTransclude directive in the template! No parent directive that requires a transclusion found. Element: {0}"},"ngModel":{"constexpr":"Expected constant expression for `{0}`, but saw `{1}`."},"$location":{"nostate":"History API state support is available only in HTML5 mode and only in browsers supporting HTML5 History API","ipthprfx":"Invalid url \"{0}\", missing path prefix \"{1}\".","isrcharg":"The first argument of the `$location#search()` call must be a string or an object.","nobase":"$location in HTML5 mode requires a <base> tag to be present!"},"$cacheFactory":{"iid":"CacheId '{0}' is already taken!"},"$interpolate":{"noconcat":"Error while interpolating: {0}\nStrict Contextual Escaping disallows interpolations that concatenate multiple expressions when a trusted value is required.  See$sce","interr":"Can't interpolate: {0}\n{1}","nochgmustache":"angular-message-format.js currently does not allow you to use custom start and end symbols for interpolation.","reqcomma":"Expected a comma after the keyword ?{0}? at line {1}, column {2} of text ?{3}?","untermstr":"The string beginning at line {0}, column {1} is unterminated in text ?{2}?","badexpr":"Unexpected operator ?{0}? at line {1}, column {2} in text. Was expecting ?{3}?. Text: ?{4}?","dupvalue":"The choice ?{0}? is specified more than once. Duplicate key is at line {1}, column {2} in text ?{3}?","unsafe":"Use of select/plural MessageFormat syntax is currently disallowed in a secure context ({0}).  At line {1}, column {2} of text ?{3}?","reqother":"?other? is a required option.","reqendinterp":"Expecting end of interpolation symbol, ?{0}?, at line {1}, column {2} in text ?{3}?","reqarg":"Expected one of ?plural? or ?select? at line {0}, column {1} of text ?{2}?","wantstring":"Expected the beginning of a string at line {0}, column {1} in text ?{2}?","logicbug":"The messageformat parser has encountered an internal error.  Please file a github issue against the AngularJS project and provide this message text that triggers the bug.  Text: ?{0}?","reqopenbrace":"The plural choice ?{0}? must be followed by a message in braces at line {1}, column {2} in text ?{3}?","unknarg":"Unsupported keyword ?{0}? at line {0}, column {1}. Only ?plural? and ?select? are currently supported.  Text: ?{3}?","reqendbrace":"The plural/select choice ?{0}? message starting at line {1}, column {2} does not have an ending closing brace. Text ?{3}?"},"ngOptions":{"iexp":"Expected expression in form of '_select_ (as _label_)? for (_key_,)?_value_ in _collection_' but got '{0}'. Element: {1}"},"$rootScope":{"inprog":"{0} already in progress","infdig":"{0} $digest() iterations reached. Aborting!\nWatchers fired in the last 5 iterations: {1}"},"$compile":{"noident":"Cannot bind to controller without identifier for directive '{0}'.","selmulti":"Binding to the 'multiple' attribute is not supported. Element: {0}","nodomevents":"Interpolations for HTML DOM event attributes are disallowed.  Please use the ng- versions (such as ng-click instead of onclick) instead.","ctreq":"Controller '{0}', required by directive '{1}', can't be found!","nonassign":"Expression '{0}' used with directive '{1}' is non-assignable!","tplrt":"Template for directive '{0}' must have exactly one root element. {1}","iscp":"Invalid {3} for directive '{0}'. Definition: {... {1}: '{2}' ...}","baddir":"Directive name '{0}' is invalid. The name should not contain leading or trailing whitespaces","noctrl":"Cannot bind to controller without directive '{0}'s controller.","multidir":"Multiple directives [{0}{1}, {2}{3}] asking for {4} on: {5}","tpload":"Failed to load template: {0} (HTTP status: {1} {2})","uterdir":"Unterminated attribute, found '{0}' but no matching '{1}' found."},"$resource":{"badargs":"Expected up to 4 arguments [params, data, success, error], got {0} arguments","badmember":"Dotted member path \"@{0}\" is invalid.","badname":"hasOwnProperty is not a valid parameter name.","badcfg":"Error in resource configuration for action `{0}`. Expected response to contain an {1} but got an {2} (Request: {3} {4})"},"$route":{"norout":"Tried updating route when with no current route"},"$sanitize":{"badparse":"The sanitizer was unable to parse the following block of html: {0}"}}}
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