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File: config/internal-config_default.json

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File: config/internal-config_default.json
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Pimped Apache Status
Display the requests handled by an Apache server
Author: By
Last change:
Date: 4 years ago
Size: 3,780 bytes


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    "auth": {
            "user": "admin",
            "password": false
    "autoreload": [
    "checkupdate": 86400,
    "datatableOptions": {
        "bPaginate": false,
        "bLengthChange": false,
        "bFilter": true,
        "bSort": true,
        "bAutoWidth": false,
        "bStateSave": true,
        "sPaginationType": "full_numbers",
        "oLanguage": "__LANG__"
    "defaultTemplate": "out_html.php",
    "defaultView": false,
    "debug": false,
    "tmpdir": "tmp",
    "execTimeRequest": {
        "warning": "1000",
        "critical": "5000"
    "hideRows": [],
    "icons": {
        "adminservers": "<i class=\"fa fa-cubes\"><\/i> ",
        "adminsettings": "<i class=\"fa fa-cogs\"><\/i> ",
        "adminupdate": "<i class=\"fa fa-flash\"><\/i> ",
        "adminvendor": "<i class=\"fa fa-puzzle-piece\"><\/i> ",
        "adminlang": "<i class=\"fa fa-comment\"><\/i> ",
        "actionAdd": "<i class=\"fa fa-plus\"><\/i> ",
        "actionDelete": "<i class=\"fa fa-close\"><\/i> ",
        "actionDownload": "<i class=\"fa fa-cloud-download\"><\/i> ",
        "actionEdit": "<i class=\"fa fa-pencil\"><\/i> ",
        "actionOK": "<i class=\"fa fa-check\"><\/i> ",
        "actionReset": "<i class=\"fa fa-close\"><\/i> ",
        "tab_config_user": "<i class=\"fa fa-user\"><\/i> ",
        "tab_internal-config_default": "<i class=\"fa fa-cog\"><\/i> ",
        "tab_Compare": "<i class=\"fa fa-flag\"><\/i> ",
        "title": "<i class=\"fa fa-square\"><\/i> ",
        "gotop": "<i class=\"fa fa-arrow-up\"><\/i> ",
        "group": "<i class=\"fa fa-folder-o\"><\/i> ",
        "time": "<i class=\"fa fa-clock-o\"><\/i> ",
        "refresh": "<i class=\"fa fa-refresh\"><\/i> ",
        "skin": "<i class=\"fa fa-tint\"><\/i> ",
        "lang": "<i class=\"fa fa-comment\"><\/i> ",
        "export": "<i class=\"fa fa-download\"><\/i> ",
        "serverinfos.php": "<i class=\"fa fa-tasks\"><\/i>",
        "performance-check.php": "<i class=\"fa fa-line-chart\"><\/i>",
        "allrequests.php": "<i class=\"fa fa-navicon\"><\/i>",
        "original.php": "<i class=\"fa fa-file-text-o\"><\/i>",
        "help.php": "<i class=\"fa fa-question-circle\"><\/i>",
        "help-doc": "<i class=\"fa fa-book\"><\/i>",
        "help-color": "<i class=\"fa fa-tint\"><\/i>",
        "help-thanks": "<i class=\"fa fa-comment-o\"><\/i>",
        "update.php": "<i class=\"fa fa-rocket\"><\/i>",
        "server_count": "<i class=\"fa fa-hdd-o\"><\/i>",
        "server_responsetime": "<i class=\"fa fa-clock-o\"><\/i>",
        "requests_all": "<i class=\"fa fa-ticket\"><\/i>",
        "requests_running": "<i class=\"fa fa-ticket\"><\/i>",
        "requests_clients": "<i class=\"fa fa-laptop\"><\/i>",
        "requests_mostrequested": "<i class=\"fa fa-file-o\"><\/i>",
        "requests_longest": "<i class=\"fa fa-hourglass-end\"><\/i>"
    "lang": "en",
    "selectLang": [
    "selectSkin": [
    "showHint": true,
    "skin": "skin-purple",
    "tdbars": [
    "tdlink": [],
    "views": [
    "viewsadmin": [
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