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Name: Jonatan Heyman <contact>
Classes: 1
Country: Sweden Sweden
Age: 39
All time rank: 8337 in Sweden Sweden
Week rank: 243 Up3 in Sweden Sweden Up
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Innovation award
Innovation award
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  Files folder image MMS Decoder  
PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
August 2004
Number 5

Prize: One copy of the PHP Anthology book set
Recieve, decode and display MMS messages.
MMS Decoder is class meant to receive, decode, and optionally display MMS messages (Multimedia Messaging Service) on a Web page.

This class makes it possible for users to create their own MMS services such as MMS picture blogs. This is done by a script that is acting as an MMSC (MMS Server/MMS Center/Messaging Center), which is a server to which MMS messages are sent.

The cost to send an MMS message from a mobile device to MMS Decoder is also often lower than sending normal MMS messages.

When you send a normal MMS, the operator charge a fee for using their MMSC, but when you send an MMS to MMSDecoder, the operators MMS Server is not used. The only cost is for the WAP/GPRS session, since MMS messages are normally sent using WAP or GPRS.
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