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ElePHPants 2019 and the PHP Marketplace for PHP Developers - A New Era for PHP Developers is Starting

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Today many great news are being announced for PHP developers that want to be happy developing PHP code and creating their own PHP products or services for sale.

Read this article and watch a short video to learn about the great news.

Loaded Article

In this article:

ElePHPants 2019 Edition Available for Sale and Shipping Now!

New MarketPlace For PHP Developers Selling Their Own Products and Services

Upcoming Business Creation Course For All Developers

Catching Up on Pending Email

Read below the video for more details

ElePHPants 2019 Edition Available for Sale and Shipping Now!

Finally after about 1 year of development and production, the original PHP elePHPants plush toys that are tare available for sale to all developers that want them.

Note that these elePHPants are not the same os the PHP Classes site elePHPants.

The new elePHPant design is licensed from Vincent Pointier, so every sale we make, we will pay him royalties as agreed last year with him.

If you would like to buy yours, please go to the respective shopping page. There is a link in the PHP Classes home page to the general categories shopping page so you can find how to buy the elePHPant easily when you arrive to the home page.

We have more great news to announce below but these are new developments that we need to fund to pay more PHP developers to work on these projects faster. For now the best way to make it come faster is to buy your own elePHPant for you or for your PHP user group.

New MarketPlace For PHP Developers Selling Their Own Products and Services

The next big development in the PHP Classes site will be a marketplace where you can sell your own PHP software products and services. I am not talking about consulting services, but rather about software products that you developed and you want to sell to the market that can be of PHP developers or customers of those developers.

For instance, we have developed a SEO tool named 4DUser that implements only White Hat techniques approved by Google to help Web pages reach Number 1 in Google.

In 2017 we gave a preview about this SEO tool so you could see how it would look like.

In 2016 after we started developing this tool we have created a proof of concept by hiring one of our contributors to create an authority article about the Best PHP IDE. Thanks to our tool we soon have reached number 1 in Google. Now that page is even in position 0, which means that it is featured when you search for the Best PHP IDE.

In 2018 we started to sell it to Portuguese speaking SEO professionals that live in Brazil because we have a closer relationship with them due to the fact that our company is based in Brazil.

Soon we will launch a new version that will be made available worldwide to everybody using the PHP Classes marketplace that we will be working on in the next months.

We already have talked with other PHP developers that have their own PHP products for sale and they have shown interest to also join our marketplace. They will benefit from great exposure, as well from having access to a broader market for selling their products, as the PHP Classes community continues to grow at a good pace of about 100 new registered users a day and we send newsletters to about 150,000 active subscribers worldwide.

If you have a software product like a paid API, or a Software as a Service product, or a tool for PHP developers or an education product for PHP or JavaScript developers that you would like to sell via the PHP Classes Marketplace, please contact us so we can tell you more how to prepare to join our upcoming marketplace.

Upcoming Business Creation Course For All Developers

In 2015 we started to research how to help PHP developers to create their own businesses based on their own products and services. That is what we at the PHP Classes have been doing for almost 20 years since 1999 when we started.

We took more than 3 years to develop a course to be named Practical Value. We have applied what we teach to develop, produce and sell the 4DUser SEO tool that I mentioned above.

The next step is to make this business creation course available to everybody worldwide so all of you can benefit from this knowledge and experience that we gathered from about 20 years of existence of the PHP Classes site.

We will get back to you on this later when it is ready to launch worldwide but we can anticipate that it will also be sold via the PHP Classes Marketplace.

Catching Up on Pending Email

In the latest times we have been so focused on these developments, now we have a long queue of answered email messages from users asking for support to help them to unsuscribe from newsletters, request to deliver Innovation Award prizes, suggestions for improving the site in general.

We would like to apologize for the delay in answering these messages but we hope to start answering all of them soon very likely this week. So if you sent us a message that was not answered, please bet patient and wait because will answer it.

For all that is all. Feel free to post a comment or contact us if you want to tell us something important.

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