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The Family of Core Developer of CakePHP and Lithium PHP Frameworks Needs Our Urgent Help

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Nate Abele has been one of the main core developers of the popular PHP frameworks CakePHP and Lithium. His family is going through a tough moment due to an accident with his wife and her daughter. She may go to prison due to an injustice, but we, the PHP developers community, can help.

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We Are Human Beings Before We Are Developers

A few days ago Nate Abele published a call to his friends in Twitter for help. I read the story and was shocked. Everybody that has children knows that women may go through a post birth depression period that may cause them to lose control and do unthinkable things.

I have a son and fortunately his mother did not go through that problem, but many women suffer from this kind depression. So Nate's wife Nicole had an accident with their daughter. Now she is being sued for that and may go to prison for that.

No mother in normal conditions would do anything against their baby, but post birth depression is not a normal condition. I understand that, the Abele family understands that, and any normal human being understands that.

Unfortunately the the prosecutor does not agree and wants to make sure Nicole will have a hard time in prison for a long period away from the family she loves. This is definetly not right.

A no, this is definitely not an April Fouls joke.

How We Can Help?

As Nate explained, they need to seek for experts that can testify in court and help bail Nicole from this unfair case. The problem is that those experts and lawyers cost money that the Nate family does not have. So he is calling for donations. Every donation, as small as it may be, will help.

If you never used CakePHP or Lithium frameworks, that does not matter. Nate's work definitely helped the PHP community move forward, especially when there was a time that many developers were praising Ruby On Rails, and Nate has proven that PHP could do the same or better with CakePHP. Many frameworks appeared after that.

Helping Nate's family in this tough moment is the least we can all do to pay back for his contributions to the PHP ecosystem evolution. So please go to this page and donate the amount you think you can donate. Let us win together this battle for the Abele family as if it is
our own family.

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