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Categories: Gamification

Over time, the PHP Classes site has received so many classes from contributing authors that now is hard for the users to determine which are the most appreciated classes for different purposes.

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However, since it was added the possibility for the users to rate each package in different relevant aspects, it is possible to compute a ranking of the classes according to the user ratings.

As you may have notice, now it was finally added a new feature that takes advantage of the user ratings ranking to list the top user rated classes in each category.

For instance, if you want to know which of the almost 200 hundred database classes that are available, you just need to go to the page of the database classes and use the link to view the top rated classes: ...

As you may see, it will only list the classes that had sufficient user ratings. The remaining classes were other not yet rated or did not receive enough ratings.

Certainly there are more classes that were appreciated. To make this ranking more useful, it is up to you, the user that have downloaded and tried other packages to go in the site and rate as many packages as you can.

If you have not rated the packages that you tried, you may start doing it now by going to the package ratings page. If all goes well, I expect that soon I will announce an initiative that will reward the users that contribute more frequently to the rating of classes, thus helping other users to find the most appreciated classes. Meanwhile, you can start rating the classes now to benefit from the eventual reward when it will be made available.

Now I would like to take this opportunity to announce a new initiative that will be taking once in a while to compensate the loyalty of the users of the site.

The initiative consists on announcements on special offers or discounts to be provided to the site users. The offer announcements will not be announced in the site. Only users that keep receiving announcement newsletters like this will be aware. If you liked this initiative, all you need to do is to stay subscribed to this newsletter to benefit of the exclusive offers.

Today I will announce an offer that will probably only benefit PHP users from North America but in the future I expect to announce other exclusive offers that will be interesting to users from everywhere the world.

The offer that I am announcing now is a special discount to be provided to PHP users that are interested to attend to the next edition of PHP-Con West to take place in Santa Clara, California, late in October. The discount will be of 10% additionally to other discounts that may apply like early bird sign-up.

Below you may find the full announcement of the conference with instructions to benefit of the discount. If you have questions, just mail me to and I will try to find answers about this discount opportunity.

Manuel Lemos

Subject: PHPClasses subscribers get an addition 10% off at php-con West

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Why is php-con the destination of choice for PHP and web developers?
Because php-con is about three things: Community. Code. Solutions.

Community. PHP developers all share a common goal: Getting the most
out of the Web. And php-con is the where the PHP developer community
comes together to advance that goal.

Code. php-con program packs in full-day tutorials, three tracks of
technical sessions and the all-day developer marathon: The php-con Code
Sprint. Write, debug and test your code along side PHP's finest.

Solutions. php-con is where you will find everything you need related
to robust, rapid applications development, standards and best practices:
MySQL, PostgreSQL, XML, PEAR, Web services, PHP-Gtk, PHP/GD, testing and
debugging, performance tuning, and extending PHP.

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